/India had left China behind in hosting Unicorns

India had left China behind in hosting Unicorns

India has finally left china behind in the race of hosting unicorns. India is doing an spectacular job in adding a record number of unicorn start-ups. The country has added maximum number of unicorn in just one year. Just to make you aware Unicorn is a term used for Start-ups valued at over $1 billion USD. 
India now has a total of 81 unicorns, Out of which 44 were added previous year. Reports has shown that investors from overseas has invested over US$35 billion in Indian start-ups in last year, which is almost three times more that 2020. Investors are now giving up on investing in china that’s why, They are shifting there interests to Indian potential start-ups. 

What is unicorn race between India and China?

If you are wondering How many unicorns does China have in 2021? China has an aggregate of 301 unicorn well in front of India’s 81. China has added 74 unicorns last year. In 2021, a report said that india left china behind in the race of unicorns. When India added 33 Unicorns as against china’s 19 unicorns.

Reasons of Rise of India in Start-ups

Firstly, India have admirable start-up ecosystem with very talented and well educated enterpreneurs who leads the most amazing and enviable start-ups. Even big firms from Japan has invested over US$3 billion in Indian Start-up. 
Secondly, India is on a way to dominate the world economy with healthy GDP growth rate which has left china and other major economies behind.
These are the reason why India has become a global unicorn hub and that’s why investors are shifting to India and dumping the idea of investing in china.